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G2M On Demand
provides solutions to enable key business processes that connect your company’s value chain from product development, marketing and sales.

Enabling collaboration between product development and sales teams results in:
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased product success
  • Better visibility to sales pipeline
  • Project and sales team productivity

G2M OnDemand builds on the Salesforce.com Software as a Service Model(SaaS) by offering configurable, integrated solutions for electronics market.

Enable collaboration between product development and sales teams results in faster time to market, increased product success, better visibility to sales pipeline and project and team productivity.

provides an integrated solution for opportunity management, demand forecasting, quote generation,sample management, management approval workflows and competitive analysis. DesignWinTrac, clients accelerate time to revenue while optimizing sales and marketing resources.


G2M OnDemand has leveraged valuable partnerships to enable real value to our customers:


"G2mOndemand understands the semiconductor industry. They are a good professional outfit and I would recommend them to any semiconductor company implementing Salesforce.com"

-VP Marketing, mSilica
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